Book 1: The Nephilim Chronicles

Cast of Characters

Cast of Characters

Commander Tarakia Sol
Leader of Talon Squad and member of the Masarri Order. She inherited DNA containing elements of celestial-human hybridization granting her great benefits to strength, agility, and intelligence, as well as telepathic and empathic capability. Daughter of a former U.S. President.
General Annokai Ka-Tel
Orion soldier and leader of the Masarri Order. Widely considered to be one of the greatest warriors in the galaxy. Master, mentor, and friend of Commander Tarakia Sol. He has chosen to stand with humanity against the aggressive Orion Imperium.
Aura Winter
Member of Talon Squad. Aura demonstrated exceptionally high telekinetic power when she was discovered by Commander Sol and General Ka-Tel. Combined with an unmatched wit and extraordinary beauty she always finds a way to lighten up the worst of situations Talon Squad is facing.
Kenzo Hasagawa
Member of Talon Squad. The adopted brother of Commander Sol, Kenzo was born to Japanese parents but raised in the United States. He showed signs early on of becoming a great warrior in his own right and chose to become a Navy SEAL before later being recruited for Talon Squad.
Mark Ben-Tzion
Member of Talon Squad. A Jewish born former Intelligence Operative with the Israeli Mossad, Mark is soft spoken and intellectual and possesses an extreme talent with anything technological as well as being an exceptional marksman.
Dr. Eva Schiffer
Lead Scientist of the Resistance. Dr. Schiffer has advanced degrees in Physics, Chemistry, and Engineering, as well as PhD level knowledge in Archeology and History. She has led the way in advancing the combat effectiveness of Talon Squad by integrating technological developments into usable tools for use against the extra-terrestrial incursion.
Emperor Kaden
Former celestial being and current Emperor of the Orion Imperium. Kaden is the epitome of the mythological Greek heroes of old and is one of the original ‘Angels who kept not their first estate’ (see the Book of Jude for the reference). He is obsessed with ruling Earth and feels it is not only his destiny but his right.
Queen Andromeda
Queen of Emperor Kaden and maiden for which the Andromeda Galaxy is named after. The perfect embodiment of beauty and grace.
Grandmaster Kane
Orion Champion and former friend of General Ka-Tel. Kane is vastly more powerful than the average Orion soldier and knows it. Emperor Kaden put him in command of the Orion Expeditionary Forces and he carries out his duties with a cruel efficiency. His absolute dedication to the warrior code is only matched by his dark heart and desire for vengeance.
Dr. Taren Hunter
Founder of Saturn International and Chief Science Advisor to the President of the United States. Considered by many people to be the most brilliant man on the planet. Highly charismatic and handsome, Taren is loved by nearly all who meet him. His corporations are worth Billions.
Harold ‘Chip’ Stockton
President of the United States and former Naval Officer.
Mackenzie ‘Mack’ Johnson
National Security Advisor and West Point graduate.
Major Seth Mason
Top Pilot of Phoenix Squadron. Close friends with Kenzo, career Fighter Pilot, and total hotshot. Recruited for the Phoenix project by Admiral Hutchinson.
Admiral Hutchinson
Commander of U.S. Air and Naval Forces. Career Navy Officer, former Fighter Pilot and Carrier Battle Group commander.
General Brennan
Commander of U.S. Ground Forces. Career Marine Corps Officer and Class of 2016 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy.


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